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As we move forward during the age of pandemic, we have adjusted our audition policies.These policies are designed to protect you, our most valuable resource. They may seem unnecessary to some and essential to others but please understand, we are family and we want to protect our own. These policies are the way to do that.

Please look at the following bullet points to see how the process has changed:

  • To enter the building, you will need to be masked. 
  • Mask wearing is required the entire time that you are in the playhouse with the exception of your time on stage.
  • Please wash your hands or use the provided hand sanitizer as soon as you can after you enter the building.
  • Always apply the 6ft distancing rule when attending auditions. We will consider this as part of our onstage audition guidelines as well. 
  • You will be asked to attend only one night of auditions. You will need to confirm the night you wish to attend so that we can contain crowd size. More details on this will be published prior to each audition.
  • We will post (and email at your request) a fillable PDF audition form. Please fill it out online and submit it prior to your arrival the night of auditions. Details will follow.
  • Once the audition is over, we ask that you exit the building without congregating in the aisles, the lobby or immediately outside the front doors. 

Our season schedule contains the audition and performance dates for our six mainstage shows.  We will post more details at least two weeks in advance of each audition.

Unless otherwise specified, auditions are as follows:

  •  Auditions are on a Sunday and Monday at 7:00pm.  The doors will open at 6:30.
  • Auditioners only need to attend one audition.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  No prior experience or resume is required.
  • Before you arrive, please fill out an audition form and submit it online including contact information, prior experience (if any), expected rehearsal conflicts, and desired roles.
  • A prepared piece is not required. 
  • After the two nights of auditions, callbacks will usually not be necessary.
  • Every auditioner will be notified by phone of their result, before the full cast list is announced publicly.
  • Surfside does not precast roles....ever.

Auditions will consist of:

Musicals & Non-Musicals          

Cold readings from the script

Musicals Only                          

Each auditioneer will be taught a 30 second selection of music from the show.

Each auditioneer will be taught a15 second dance / staged movement routine.

Call (321) 783-3127 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information



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Audition Dates: January 10 & 11, 2021

Show Dates: March 5 - 21

Auditioning? Please fill out this online form and hit submit when completed.

Note: For synopsis and character list, please scroll down.


 Please complete the audition form online

Click here for the online audition form


Here is a link to a copy of a perusal script:

Click Here To Read Script



○ Reece (A businessman, aged 30s & 70s)
○ Jessica (His first wife, aged 20s & 40s)
○ Ruella (His second wife, aged 40s)
○ Julian (His business associate, aged 4os & 6os)
○ Poopay (Phoebe) (A prostitute, aged 30s)
○ Harold (A house detective, aged 30s & 50s)


Synopsis (Communicating Doors)

A non-descript hotel room in 2014.* Poopay Dayseer, a professional dominatrix, arrives to service the dying Reece. He has actually hired her in a desperate bid to witness a confession to having both his wives murdered by his assistant, Julian. Poopay signs and attempts to leave with the confession, but Julian spots it and tries to kill her. She escapes through a communicating door, without the confession.

Poopay steps back into the room and into the year 1994. She is startled by Ruella, Reece’s second wife, who is about to be murdered. Ruella reveals she is planning to divorce Reece because of his illegal business activities. She also believes Julian killed his own mother. Ruella does not believe Poopay’s warning about her impending death and only listens when Poopay reveals how Reece’s first wife, Jessica, died in 1981.

Ruella tries the communicating door and finds herself in the same room but in 1974 where Reece is on honeymoon with Jessica. Ruella escapes back to 1994 to discover time has already been altered. Ruella persuades Poopay to go back to 2014 for the confession. Having accomplished this, Ruella returns to 1974 and gives the confession to Jessica. Back in 1994, Julian from 2014 appears through the communicating door.

In 1974, Ruella, held by hotel security, is released by Jessica who does not believe what she has read or Ruella’s story. Ruella leaves, but writes Jessica a note to be opened nine months on. Ruella returns to 1994 and finds Poopay has been attacked by Julian, but a mishap has led to him being killed. The women conspire to get rid of the body, but while Poopay is away, the 1994 Julian arrives to kill Ruella by throwing her off the balcony. Poopay returns but is overcome by Julian who attempts to kill her. At this, a veiled woman appears pertaining to be Julian’s mother to avenge her murder. In fright, Julian steps back and falls over the balcony. The figure is revealed to be an older, but still living Jessica. She and Poopay then rescue the trussed-up Ruella who is hanging over the balcony.

Ruella’s note given in 1974 contained details of Jessica’s first child and Jessica has waited 20 years to help Ruella. Jessica leaves and Poopay reveals what life is like in the future for her. The pair promise to meet again in 2014. Poopay goes back to the future.

All has changed. Reece is a respected and healthy man, who misses Ruella who died the year before. But the biggest surprise is Poopay; she is now Pheoebe, adopted as a child years earlier by Ruella and Reece, happily married and with a full life. The women’s actions have changed everything.


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