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Auditions for Cinderella

Audition Dates

Sunday, Jan 15th at 7pm

Monday, Jan 16th at 7pm

Performance Dates

March 10, 2023 to March 26, 2023

Show Details

General Audition Details

Cinderella (Broadway – Tour version) Character Descriptions


In this show, the race of the characters is not pivotal to the plot We invite Diversity in all roles.

Ella: Idealistic and hopeful, she courageously challenges the prince to change the policies in the kingdom – and helps him discover who he truly is. Soprano B3-Eb5 (Playing Late Teen to Early 30s)

Topher: A misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life. Baritone C#3- A4 (Playing Late Teens – Early 30s)

Madame: Ella’s selfish stepmother, the epitome of vanity and fashion. Mezzo-soprano C4-D5 (Playing 40s – 60s)

Sebastian: The kingdom’s Lord Chancellor and trusted advisor to the Prince, though uses propaganda and dishonesty to keep Topher in the dark about his kingdom. (Playing 30s to 60s)

Marie: A friend to Ella and the town’s crazy lady and beggar who also happens to be a Fairy Godmother. Soprano A3-Ab5 (Playing Adult to Mature Adult)

Gabrielle: Ella’s stepsister and publicly follows her mother and sister but secretly empathetic, passionate, and drawn to Ella and Jean-Michel. Soprano C4-G5 (Playing 20s to Late 30s)

Charlotte: Ella’s stepsister who is brash, self-centered, materialistic and always wants to be the center of attention. Mezzo-Soprano B3-F5 (Playing 20s to Late 30s)

Jean-Michel: A feisty, passionate peasant determined to make a change for the starving class. Also has a crush on Gabrielle. Baritone C3-G4 (Playing 20s to Late 30s)

Lord Pinkleton: Sebastian’s right-hand man who announces royal balls, banquets and occasionally the weather to the villagers. Tenor D3-A4 (Playing adult to Mature Adult)

Dancers: 4 men & 4 Women

Ensemble: Interchanging parts to include a Giant, Fox and Raccoon, Footman, Coachman, Knights, Peasants, Townspeople, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, etc.

Sopranos C4-Bb5 Altos Bb3-F5 Tenors D3-Bb4 Basses Bb3-F4