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Purpose and Responsibilities of the Board

What is the purpose of the Board of Governors of Surfside Players, Inc.?

The purpose of the Board of Governors is to facilitate the mission of Surfside Playhouse, which is to provide excellent live theatrical performances and education to the community. Surfside’s slogan, “By the community, for the community, in support of community,” is promoted and fostered by the board. The board facilitates the mission by providing leadership and oversight, and by generating resources and other support according to the by-laws of the corporation.

Is Surfside Players, Inc. a tax-exempt organization?

Yes. Surfside is a non-profit corporation covered under the IRS tax code in section 501(c)3. It also has an exemption from sales tax by the state of Florida.

What is the term length of board members, and how often does the board meet?

Board members serve a two-year term, and can run again. The full board meets once a month for two hours. Currently, that meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month from 6-8 p.m. at the Cocoa Beach Library. The four officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) meet the week prior to the full board to set the agenda. In addition, board members serve on committees and take on individual tasks to further the goals of the board.

Is there a financial commitment on the part of board members?

Yes. Each Board members pays a yearly $250 fee, due at the July Board meeting, and must also procure matching funds of $250 during the course of the same fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). This can take many forms, such as bringing in a playbill ad sale, a Party for the Playhouse sponsorship, or additional donations.

How else are Board Members expected to help Surfside generate financial resources?

To reach and maintain financial stability for both the short and long term, Surfside must grow income through at least the following five sources:

  1. Ticket sales, tuitions, café, 50/50.
  2. Donations
  3. Annual Fundraising Event (The Party for the Playhouse)
  4. Advertising and Show Sponsorships
  5. Grants

Board members are expected to participate in marketing Surfside and to assist efforts, according to their own talents and skills, to improve the overall financial health of Surfside.  

What type of Board is Surfside’s?

Currently, Surfside is in transition from a working board that participates in the operations of the playhouse as well as the planning and oversight to a leading board, guiding the future of Surfside and overseeing contract employees who perform necessary operational aspects of running a theater. These contract employees currently include the artistic director, the costumer, the house manager, the communications manager, and the facilities manager. All other operational functions are currently fielded by volunteers with a liaison from the Board, including box office, accounting, café management, marketing, donor and community outreach, grant writing, and event planning. Other volunteers that are not board members have also been invited to serve on standing committees and task-focused committees, such as the play selection committee, the Party for the Playhouse committee, or the data analysis committee, or the play writing contest committee.

It is the goal to become fully a leading board, with theatre operations performed by hired staff. While there is strong commitment to achieving this goal, completing the process is dependent upon a consistent, reliable increase in revenue.

What are the Goals of the Board?

Long-term and ongoing goals are:

  1. 1. To facilitate the mission of Surfside Playhouse
  2. To provide for the long-term operational vitality of Surfside
  3. To transition from a working board to leading board.
  4. To sufficiently increase the budget of Surfside to provide consistent and reliable revenue to meet the ongoing needs of Surfside Playhouse.

Short-term goals are set and prioritized annually.

What are some of the Board’s Accomplishments in Recent Years?

  • Hiring the full time Artistic Director, as well as part time staff that include a Costumer, House Manager, Facilities Manager, and Communications Manager.
  • Acquiring grants for use for facility needs.
  • Increasing the number of participants and the support for The Youth Players.
  • Attracting new members with diverse skills and vision to the Board.
  • Repairing, renovating, and improving the facility.
  • Updating Surfside’s by-laws.
  • Increasing interaction with the Chambers of Commerce of both Cocoa Beach and Melbourne.


What is the process for becoming a board member?

  1. Express an interest in becoming a board member to someone on the board, or be suggested to the nominating committee by    someone on the board.
  1. Meet informally with the President of the Board to discuss how your skills, expertise, background, and knowledge of Surfside would be the right fit to serve as a board member at this time.
  1. Receive and accept the invitation to have your name submitted into nomination.
  1. Submit a brief bio that will be included on the slate of candidates distributed to the membership (flexpass holders) at least a month prior to the election, usually held in mid-June.
  1. Once elected, attend a briefing for new members to receive board materials and brief training, held between the election and the July meeting.
  1. Take your place on the board at the July meeting.


We welcome your interest in serving on the Surfside Playhouse Board of Governors!