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Current Season

2022 - 2023 Season

The Case of the Golden Goose

An Audience Participation Murder Mystery
It's up to you to be the first to solve the crime and win the grand prize.

Can it get any Hotter?

Improv Comedy Showcase
Featuring the Improv Class of August 2022.


By Peter Quilter
Hilarious and heartwarming comedy, you are sure to screech with laughter.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Film Featuring The Rich Weirdos
Orlando’s Premier Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast!

The Fearless Improv Brigade SCARED SILLY

A Night of Improv Comedy
There's plenty of goosebumps to go around between the continuous rounds of laughter as the Brigade brings us a seasonally inspired night of improv comedy.

HMS Pinafore

By Gilbert & Sullivan
Things are seldom what they seem... Be prepared to give three cheers and one cheer more!

Disney “The Jungle Book Kids”

Directed by Eva Knowles
Adapted from Disney's beloved animated film and the works of Rudyard Kipling, the “man cub” Mowgli, bounds through the jungle and learns what it means to be human.

An Improv Christmas “Carole”

Improv Showcase
Join our newest gang of improv comedians as they tickle your funny bone with holiday themed sketches created on the fly. 

Home for the Holidays

Directed by Nancy Matician-Bock
Home for the Holidays ensemble cast as we bring you all the feels of the season.

The Miracle Worker

by William Gibson
An unforgettable story of strength and power of the human will.