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Auditions for the Arlan Ropp Playwright Contest Winner

Its time for auditions for the Arlan Ropp Playwrights winner at Surfside Playhouse.

This year, it’s a phenomenal, intriguing drama entitled “Drinking Poison” written by Cheryl Navo.

Auditions are June 4th and 5th with cold readings from the show!

Show dates run two weekends;
July 26-August 4th

Here are the character breakdowns and show synopsis:


In the week following a small town America school shooting, members of a community try to come to terms with who is to blame for the tragedy.


MARGARET MCKENZIE: woman in her forties
CARL MACKIE: custodial worker, older man
BRENDA MORGAN: Grief Counselor, 30-40 years old
CAITLYN CALLAHAN: female, eighteen, high school senior
BECCA ROGERS: female, eighteen, high school senior
SHARON ARCHER: woman in her forties
DETECTIVE: male or female, any age