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Auditions for The Candy Cane Caper: The Reindeer Who Knew Too Much

The Candy Cane Caper: The Reindeer Who Knew Too Much

Written by Steve Mogell
Directed by Chris Tsocanos

Auditions Sunday, October 15th at 7pm

Read more about the audition process.

‘The Candy Cane Caper: The Reindeer Who Knew Too Much’ where holiday cheer conceals sinister secrets. Follow Santa, his trusty reindeer, and a determined team of investigators as they unwrap a chilling mystery that threatens Christmas itself. Can they unmask the culprits before it’s too late? Audience participation required to solve this who dun it!

Character list

Santa: The typical Santa Clause.. a bit on the portly side but Mrs Clause thinks he could use

more stuffing..

Mrs (Martha) Clause: Typical Mrs Clause; hair up in a bun, busy making cookies for Santa and the

elves.. but is she happy?

Pixel the elf: Santa’s #1 elf.. the guy who keeps this train on the track. A serious elf.

Tinsel the elf: works hard, thinks he’s better than everyone else; a bit of a klepto

Bumble the elf: A happy elf who is always laughing at the joke.. even when it’s about him. Everyone

thinks he’s stupid and clumsy; unfortunately they’re right. Has a sad song, Bumbles Lament.

Rudolph: Tall, arrogant, lead Reindeer. Very secretive

Vixen: Sultry, flirtatious… we don’t know for sure if Vixen is male or female but it doesn’t matter

Donner: Stick in the mud. Jealous of Rudolph. A real tattle-tale

Cupid: Male. A happy reindeer who watches everyone.

Hermey the dentist: Elf school drop out. A bit ADD. Knows more than what he tells

Justine the Private Eye: Nervous about her first case. A bit too serious