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Readers’ Theater “From the Script to the Stand”
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Join us for the next performance of Readers’ Theater “From the Script to the Stand” presented by Surfside Playhouse.   Come hear an assortment of one act original works performed by Brevard County’s own local talent and directed/moderated by Nancy Matican-Bock. Upon completion of act two, please join us for a short talk back with the director and actors about their experience bringing new material to life.

May 4th at 2 pm
All Tickets $10

Ensemble Cast in Order of Appearance

  • Angela Young
  • Justin Rupp
  • MC Barnette
  • Edward Johnson
  • Ant Ferrara
  • Sarah Lawrence
  • Wendy Reinking Patterson
  • Jim Patterson
  • Jack Maloney
  • Liz Keimer


  • Director/Curator/Moderator: Nancy Matican-Bock
  • Stage Manager: Alison Shugars
  • Musical Direction: Wendy Reinking Patterson and Jim Patterson
  • Technical Director: Mike Mellen

Script Selections, Synopsis’ and Writers

Violet and Harris

Written by Sam Heyman, Nashville, TN

Violet and Harris used to share a room. Violet yearns to understand why things have changed, but Harris, burdened with self-awareness, must maintain the boundary that separates them at all costs. When Violet starts a game of catch, it is not long before Harris cannot avoid answering her questions. Can he keep himself together without tearing what’s left of their bond apart?

Fresh Hell

Written by Brian Cern, Hugo, MN

A true story about a marriage being put through the wringer as they try to register their child for summer camp.

Still Life

Written by Brian Leahy Doyle ,MFA; Hastings on the Hudson, NY

Adam is an up-and-coming painter living in New York who has lost Zoey, his girlfriend, an emergency room physician who committed suicide during the Covid epidemic… Adam has stopped his medications, claiming that Zoey enters through a portal from the metaverse and sits for him as a model. Eve, Adam’s agent, has feelings for Adam, but she is ready to end their professional relationship unless he gets help. Does Adam actually see Zoey, or is he just hallucinating? Will he complete the painting that Zoey is sitting for? Will Adam and Zoey love each other forever and ever?

Barcelona Bossa Nova

Written by Wendy Reinking and Jim Patterson  (score, lyrics and book)

Parents Wendy and Jim just found out their youngest son is going into the Marines. The proud parents realize that becoming empty-nesters isn’t all sad when thoughts of all the things they can do with the money they’ll save begin to take over!

Yeah, Art Figures

Written by Kim Ruyle,  Fon Du Lac, WI

Frank, a math teacher distraught over the ignorance of his students, encounters and unloads on Joni, a substitute teacher, in the teachers’ lounge.  In conversation with Joni and other teachers, Frank discovers that his ignorance, in some ways, surpasses that of his students.


Written by Rich Docherty; Bentonville, AR (score, lyrics and book)

Roger and Emily are two strangers when they meet in a train station, but soon discover they are more alike than different as their enchantment with each other blossoms into a friendship and maybe something more.