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Readers’ Theater “From the Script to the Stand”
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Join us for the inaugural performance of Readers’ Theater “From the Script to the Stand” presented by Surfside Playhouse.   Come hear an assortment of one act original works written and performed by Brevard County’s own local talent and directed/moderated by Nancy Matican-Bock. Enjoy a short talkback at the completion of each individual performance with the writers and actors.

March 9 at 2 pm
All Tickets $10

One Act Scripts Being Presented:

By Nancy Andrews
Synopsis: An inspiring writer on a flight meets another and we see their friendship begin and take a journey with some twists of fate and feet.

Can You Feel the Beating of My Sirius?
By Maggie Merritt
Synopsis: A touching story about the reunion of two long lost friends. The term “Sirius” is a metaphor for the spark of life that is in their hearts.

“Miracles”, a song from the musical “Forever Shall Be”
By James A. Patterson and Wendy Reinking
Synopsis: Auditions have begun and the new director just called for the lunch break, but she’ll be surprised to find out who’s working in the wings.

Last Call
By John Torres
Synopsis: A man contemplating his life, while drinking in a run-down bar in the middle of the day, runs into someone from the old neighborhood who just may have the answers he is looking for.

A Minute Past
By William Roeder
Synopsis: An alarm clock keeps awakening a sleeper.  Is the clock broken, or is there a deeper meaning?